Ravit - Ravelry on the hop.

Ravit is a fun new app that enables you to discover inspirational patterns and yarns from anywhere. It's super quick, and it's friendly. Ravelry on mobile has never been easier.

Available now for iOS and Android.

Ravit is not affiliated with Ravelry.com. It is an independent app, developed by a husband and wife team. Read more about Why we made Ravit.

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Why we made Ravit

Ravit is developed by a husband and wife team. James creates mobile apps through his company, Enhancient, and Nim is a knitwear designer who's patterns are available on Ravelry.

As you might imagine, Nim spends too much considerable time on Ravelry, mostly from a variety of tablets. James often noticed her squinting at the screen, and wondered if there was something he could do about it.

On discovering that Ravelry encourages third party apps and sites to connect to it's database, an idea started to emerge and we worked together, combining our respective skills and passion to create Ravit.

Ravelry is such an amazing site - it's so well organized and the content of Ravelry - patterns and yarn are beautiful. Our vision for Ravit is to really make Ravelry shine on mobile - to show patterns, projects, yarns in a clean and responsive interface, but to also include some of the more powerful features too, such as filters.

This is really just the beginning for Ravit. We can't ever hope to provide all of the functionality of ravelry.com, and that's not our goal, but we believe there is a place for a quick, easy and friendly way to access Ravelry. We hope you'll join us on the journey.