Ravit - Ravelry on the hop.

Ravit is a fun new app that enables you to discover inspirational patterns and yarns, update your projects and stash and browse and post to Ravelry forums from anywhere. It's super quick, and it's friendly. Ravelry on mobile has never been easier.

Available now for iPhone and iPad.

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Ravit is not affiliated with Ravelry.com. It is an independent app, developed by a husband and wife team. Read more about Why we made Ravit.

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Find inspirational patterns

If you’re not sure what you’d like to make next, Ravit lets you easily browse patterns, favorite them, download and view pattern PDFs, view project photos and browse a designer’s other patterns and pattern suggestions. And if you want to narrow your search, you can use dozens of filters. The true power and beauty of Ravelry is at your fingertips.


Swipe through patterns, and follow what you like - when you tap a pattern, you'll see all the key pattern info as well as other patterns from the designer, and other patterns you might like.


Search for patterns on Ravelry by keyword, then browse or narrow down results further with filters.

There's so many beautiful patterns on Ravelry, and Ravit helps you find them easily.


Filter results by craft, availability, category, attributes, needles, weight and more. The search screen shows which filters you've selected, and you can then tap to refine or remove them.

You can even combine multiple options with AND, NOT or OR. It's powerful, but easy.

Take Ravelry to your yarn store

Find out which yarns you’ll need for a project. Check what yardage you need. Look in your stash to see if you’ve already got a yarn, or one that’s similar. And because Ravit is designed to work nicely on your iPhone with readable text and buttons you can tap, you won't be squinting as you find out the info you need when you're at your LYS.

Search, Filter, Sort Yarn

Search all yarns by keyword, filter by fiber, weight, attributes and many others, and sort by options including 'Most projects', 'Highest rating' or 'Recently added'.

Access your stash offline

No wireless or cell signal in your yarn store? No problem! Your stash is cached on your device so you can search, sort and view your stash offline.


If it's not easy and fast, you won't want to use it. Ravit opens quickly, and you can move around with just a few taps. There's no fiddly little tabs to tap, or text you need a magnifying glass to read - just the key information you need without clutter.

Snap, edit and upload on the spot

Perhaps you're making a project on the train to work, or relaxed on the couch at home - either way, when you want to share your WIPs, Ravit makes it easy to snap photos, enhance with powerful filters and photo tools, and upload to Ravelry, all from the one app.

Powerful Photo Editing Tools

Enhance, crop, and adjust your photos before your upload and show your work in it's best possible light. You can remove blemishes, improve color balance, sharpen images and access many other pro editing tools all from within the app.

Optimized for Ravelry

Before images are uploaded, they're resized and compressed to the optimal level for Ravelry, so you'll upload smaller photos (up to 10x smaller!) more quickly and using less data.

More than just photos

You can update notes for your Projects and Stash, as well as most of the other info such as yarns, yardage, skeins, colorways, and color for your stash, and progress, link to stash, rating, craft, and tags amongst others for your projects.

It's all the little things...

So why use Ravit? It's all the the little, sometimes hidden touches which make Ravit shine. Here's a few of them.

It's quick

It opens quickly. If you tap on something, you go right there. It's a simple thing that makes a big difference.

Infinite scroll

Smooth, continuous scrolling as you browse to find inspiration.


Whether you're commuting underground, or you're off-grid, Ravit lets you access your Projects and Stash offline.

Clean, uncluttered interface

Beautiful design and simple, clean interfaces are complex to build. Every step of the way, we've build Ravit thinking about how you're going to use it. We want your work and the beauty of Ravelry.com to shine.

Use less data

Use up to 50%* less data in Ravit compared with your web browser. Nice for when you're using cellular data.

Squint less

It's one of the reasons we made Ravit. The text in Ravit isn't made super small, and we're fully dynamic-type compatible, so if you change the font size on your device, it'll change in Ravit.

* Based on tests of browsing patterns, projects, stash and yarns on Ravit and Safari on the same device - YYMV! (Your Yardage May Vary)

This is just the beginning

Ravit is a new app, and although it already has many features, we plan to add more. We have an active group on Ravelry and we'd love to hear what you'd like to see next - join in the discussion in the Ravit Group.

Hop on to Ravit now!

Why we made Ravit

Ravit is developed by a husband and wife team. James creates mobile apps through his company, Enhancient, and Nim is a knitwear designer who's patterns are available on Ravelry.

As you might imagine, Nim spends too much considerable time on Ravelry, mostly from a variety of iPads. James often noticed her squinting at the screen, and wondered if there was something he could do about it.

On discovering that Ravelry encourages third party apps and sites to connect to it's database, an idea started to emerge and we worked together, combining our respective skills and passion to create Ravit.

Ravelry is such an amazing site - it's so well organized and the content of Ravelry - patterns and yarn are beautiful. Our vision for Ravit is to really make Ravelry shine on mobile - to show patterns, projects, yarns in a clean and responsive interface, but to also include some of the more powerful features too, such as filters.

This is really just the beginning for Ravit. We can't ever hope to provide all of the functionality of ravelry.com, and that's not our goal, but we believe there is a place for a quick, easy and friendly way to access Ravelry. We hope you'll join us on the journey.